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"MUHURTAS" The Event Community

Time changes and likewise people that bring several changes to our society and lifestyle. One of the most noticeable and prominent change is emerge of Event Industry that plays an important role in making our special days the most memorable ones. This industry is capable of making our fantastical ideas alive through the various creative themes. Having your dream as reality in front you is the ecstatic experience that is immensely hard to find now a days. But willingness to make these fantasies pragmatic is a considerable recurring thought that now or then does occur in our minds. But lack of proper guidance is a certain barrier that is inevitable. 

Therefore, MUHURTA celebrations, is taking a step further in this field by launching a "MUHURTAS"  The Event Community  soon in August, 2016 .It will be an event community, where people will be provided with innovative ideas and their queries will be answered. It will be a platform where our experienced team & experts and their amazing ideas will be easily accessed with some simple clicks that will save your energy and precious time as well. Also, if at any point you feel that some hurdles are not letting you to accomplish your ideas, don't get disappoint because our team is always there to help you that too at doable charges.

We assure that your brooding and efforts will be worth-ed. And a sense of doing something special for your loved ones with your own efforts, so affectionately, is something that makes you special and distinct you from rest of the people. We believe in conveying ideas and providing services that are persuading not wheedling. Be it a birthday, wedding or some corporate event, ideas do differ according to the event but the commendable enthusiasm of our team and the great quality of services are perpetual. So, bid goodbye to exorbitant prices and abominable services and get the best that you deserve. Become an essential part of this event community and grab the opportunities to learn new innovative things. Also, getting engaged with this website is beneficial because it will keep you abreast with new ideas and will augment your social participation as well.

3 Reason Of  Launching MUHURTAS
1) Maintaining reasons of People to come to events :
Professional events are centered around 2 factors: content and networking. Attending an event is a way to get tips from experts in your industry – tips that you will apply in your job. Content is the primary reason to come to an event but more and more we are seeing networking events popping up here and there.
Yesterday, ⅔ of the event was dedicated to building new relationships. Meetups between like-minded people are increasingly popular and if you plan to organize an event, you should definitely save some time for networking drinks:

2) Online content just can’t replace offline networking:
Online content is a way to nurture the community during off-peak period. However, it’s all about networking’. For some communities same mindset and thought matching is more important, digital content simply doesn’t work. It all depends on audience. If you deal with legal counsel or other senior level executives, they may not be too digital-savvy. That being said, Muhurta is the way to keep his community engaged is to network offline. Bear in mind that the goal is to have an overall hub instead of getting in touch once a year. People shared his experience too, explaining that they created a lot of LinkedIn groups about a certain topic. Unfortunately, he struggled to bring members in as he wasn’t fulfilling something people wanted: ‘It’s about what service they need you can fulfill.’

3) We don’t broadcast content. We Curate it!
Something that social media people know too well. Hence, we Don’t broadcast our content in an attempt to garner lots of engagement. Instead, reach out to the members of our community, answer their comments, ask them questions and the likes. We want to keep our community alive at all time, it’s the best way to keep them engaged!
The MUHURTAS Club -  Well defined night life and events in your city with the programs rewarding Members for either membership tenure or spending loyalty.

We consider your party style as of your demand and standard, hence we converted in  class one, class two, class three. Elite – 

Team MUHURTAS  brings its own recognition and rewards in the form of annual gifts, special parties, Discounts on  personal events, Social and corporate functions engagements ,early registration for key Club events, discounts and promotions at many party venue and  outlets, as well as privilege  treats that are our way of showing how much we value and appreciate your membership in this Club community.

The privileges offered by these programs present you with different ways to get more from your membership experience. With our class one, class two, class three, Elite spending loyalty programs, the benefits just get better with each Muhurtas class tier you reach. 

Mail us @ or apply by Clicking here . Kindly check our terms and conditions we appreciate your feedback and responses. Because MUHURTAS is only about you .