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Marriages are made in heaven', this is what we get to hear in the most of Indian families. But this beautiful act is performed on this earth pompously. It is a day when two people exchange vows and tie a knot and enter into beautiful alliance of marriage. It wont be wrong to say families in India tussle immensely to make this day remarkable in all manners. Indian marriages are elaborated ones and are celebrated for three or four days incorporating different and interesting rituals.

Celebrating marriages traditionally is a primordial principle here, but with passing time modernity is also occupying its place in big and fat Indian marriages and that's how different concepts are being introduced gradually. Decorations, food and 'jai mala' ceremony are the three sections which reflect the influence of new ideas. Now, these trends are becoming, certain part of every marriage now a day.
If we consider decorations, flowers are largely used, specially, marigold flowers. But now these are replaced by orchids. Even sitting arrangements are changing at 'mandalas', small pretty chairs are arranged for bride and groom to sit comfortably. Pre- marital photo shoot can also be considered as an essential element in decorations. It symbolizes the journey of a couple that is reaching its destination on the day of marriage.'
In India it is said that guest is next to god and this why food is really important in our marriages and it has to be delicious. Since it reflects hospitality in a way, so, many food items should be there in the menu, considering people of all age groups. Earlier, only Indian cuisines were served in marriages but lately, Chinese, Italian, Thai and Mexican ones are added to the menu and is thoroughly enjoyed by the people.
'Jai Mala', is an indispensable ritual and is performed splendidly now. Rotating stage and flower shaped sitter for bride in which is comes on stage are mostly used today. Dance, the essence of every marriage is now being performed under the guidance of choreographers. Each and every effort is made to make this day pleasantly memorable.
But it is noted that in all the preparations of a lavish marriage you have to face a lot of stress and ordeals that can spoil your mood. So, to avoid this you must seek help of event organizing companies that get you everything done professionally with the same efficiency you look for within given time. Since, they are professionals that assure perfection in every task and lessen your burden by emancipating you to enjoy the all moments whole heatedly.

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